My Top 10 Online Shopping Tips

purchasing-689442_1280Shopping online is a great opportunity, as it is secure, the shipping is fast, returns can be pretty easy, and it is convenient for all consumers.

Because of the economic downturn, it is of utmost importance to find ways of saving your money. Coupon websites are here for you. If you are a frugal consumer, meticulous in your budgeting, coupon websites are your best choice.

If you didn’t start couponing, now you could learn to follow money saving tips within an online setting. Online coupon services can help your family save money while shopping in an online safe environment. Here are 10 tips for shopping online in a safe manner.

10 Tips For Safe Shopping Online

1. Use Well-Known Websites

You can use a trusted site for your safety instead of shopping with a search engine. Some search results can mislead you. If you already know the site, shopping online might be safe. For instance, every buyer knows that makes your purchases secure.

2. Use a Credit Card for Payment

You should use a credit card to pay your purchases because laws protect credit card users from fraud. You could also use virtual credit cards if this service is offered by your card issuer. There are card issuers who offer you a one-time use virtual card for your online purchases if you are concerned about the safety of your transaction. There is something you should know: your card issuer can provide free services for you, and you can save hundreds of dollars. If you don’t avoid new fees and rate hikes, you won’t be able to save money. Card issuers can leave intact a variety of benefits that make you save money even if they diminish credit limits. The credits are limited according to your income.

3. Avoid Telling All Your Details

Shopping stores do not need additional details such as your social security number or your birthday in order to do business. The more the stores know, the easier it would be to steal your identity. So, be careful and give as little information as possible. Thieves are looking forward to committing identity theft. There are some methods that you should know and that can help you destroy personal data. If you didn’t delete your trash, it is an opportunity for a thief to create a new line of credit. It is not enough to snip your old credit cards with the scissors because this gives identity thieves the chance to find account numbers. Even shredded cards can be pieced together by identity thieves. The online environment is risky as well. Continue reading

My 5 Favorite Coupon Websites

Gold_bond_stampsTechnology is the key to getting coupons by email, phone as well as reward cards. Coupons are very convenient including less paper waste. However, if you want to print any coupons, you have the option to print the ones you are going to use.Here is a compilation of the best coupon sites which have become my favorites as well.

Top 5 Coupon Websites is one of the best. It has a wonderful collection of coupons to print in addition to an option to save coupons associated with loyalty cards. This coupon website is to your advantage, and you can save a lot of your money.
There are numerous deal blogs on the Internet, and the majority covers the same type of deals. Money Saving Mom is one of the best blogs I have personally visited.

Money Saving Mom is therefore my favorite. It is the blog with the most extensive list in addition to access to a thorough coupon database. You have the option to subscribe to all deals from your local stores. If you want to keep up with both deals and frugal tips. There are also free subscriptions that the site offers; so, don’t hesitate to connect with them.
There are also e-coupons you can download on your smartphone and use it within the checkout lane. Now you won’t worry about losing paper coupons.

Saving Star allows you to send e-coupons to participating loyalty cards, and then you scan at the register. The total receipt cannot change. Your savings will be sent via your bank deposit, PayPal or Amazon gift card after one month. You can shop online safely making a purchase at retail site or getting cash in your
Saving Star
account. As far as I’m concerned, I have never bought anything online without entering the website’s address into a coupon code database. If I won’t find some promo or a list of coupon codes, I usually search google to be sure that I don’t miss anything. Continue reading

My Unconventional Tips on Saving Money

downloadIf you don’t have the life you lived before, be attentive to some tips on saving money. You should keep in mind one thing. If you live the American dream and if you have a cozy home, money in the bank and you are doing well, it is possible that you might lose everything. Save your money in an unconventional way.

You could see your finances ruined if you get fired or if you can’t afford to cover your medical bills. The question is how you will save money without a financial disaster. The answer is that you could rebuild your finances and credit over time. That is why you have to follow five steps if you want to save your money.

5 Steps in Saving Your Money

  • First you have to start with your overhead. You should take into consideration the “must have” expenses. It is important to have money to pay your bills, food, utilities, insurance and minimum loan payments. Do not rush into commitments that are difficult to keep if you want to save money. If you are tempted to spend money, try to resist and keep the “must haves”. Be attentive to housing costs and car payments. You could have excessive costs. Then put your savings into a current
  • Second, get money in the bank to cover the minor expenses.An emergency fund is necessary and it is difficult to build a fat fund and easy to spend it. Also use a supermarket loyalty card. This scheme could save your money.
  • Another step is to make your contribution to your retirement account. It should be a priority. Be prepared for the future retirement. It may come sooner than you think. To contribute to a retirement plan is essential, as it helps you reduce the taxes and build the savings you will need in the future.
  • Then you have to determine the value of your debt. Sometimes people may borrow so much that they cannot pay back. So, a financial recovery couldn’t be possible in this case. If you lose your job, do not expect to be helped by creditors. They are not always on your side. More than that, you should talk to a bankruptcy attorney if your debts such as credit cards and medical bills surpass or are equal to your annual income, or if a creditor sued you. It is important to understand your options. So don’t hesitate to consult someone who can give you a piece of advice.
  • The final step is to rebuild your credit. You may be convinced that you won’t need credit again, once you felt deceived by creditors. But if you need an auto loan or a mortgage, your credit score is vital. Credit history and scores are of utmost importance, as this information is used by insurers, landlords and employers.

Continue reading

Polyphonic savings

Polyphonic savingsThose young ladies new to things like charge cards from their favorite stores mostly believe that it is music to their ears when these stores announce their next great big bumper sale. Summer having come and gone, there may be some of you out there who are already feeling the cold pinch of winter, mainly because you maxed your cards at the last big summer sale. You are feeling the pinch now because you have to pay up and when this is done you have little left to show for your hard-earned monthly pay check.

A new plan of action

So, while I’m busy working on my blog, surfing the net while I do my research and preparing new articles on how we can all save more money and live a little more comfortably, I have my old transistor radio near me, catching up with the news of the day and also listening to what others have to say about consumer affairs and money matters. And just to relax a little, I like to switch on to some fine music, usually something light.

But there are also times when I get really annoyed. At the moment I am also concerned. Kids are spending far too much time in front of the TV. Also the loud tunes they indulge in from the network channels are not exactly edifying. And when they are not listening to adult-content lyrics, watching violent cartoons or movies, they are playing games, sometimes for hours. So I decided on a new plan of action.

An educational toy

I wanted to change the household’s tune a little and turn the volume down a notch or two. New gimmicks always intrigue and amuse young children anyway, but this musical discovery of mine was particularly pleasing to both ears and soul. Instead of watching trashy music videos, why not let the kids learn how to play their own musical instrument? You could call it an educational toy, but I think that an electronically-tuned digital piano may be just the thing for us.

My husband is keen about this. And when I first told him about my new song-filled idea, the first thing that came to his mind was Yamaha motorcycles. Thankfully, he doesn’t scoot about. But the brand is iconic. It is particularly so for both recreational and professional musicians who mostly use electronic keyboards. At the moment we are still trying to decide which Yamaha to get; the P45B or the Piaggero NP11. Either way, I am going to try them out.


For budding musicians who don’t have the benefit of professional, usually expensive piano lessons (or guitar, but no drums please), learning to play by yourself using a synthesized keyboard can be an educational and fun-filled experience for the entire family. I already learnt something new. Polyphony is the synthesizer’s ability to play a series of notes all at the same time.

A Great New Way To Hunt

Archer at a competitionThose of you who are new to my blog, let me encapsulate its main theme for you. It is all about helping you to save money as far as possible and helping you to utilize all those financial resources you have been blessed with, particularly those charge cards and bank credit cards.

The blog helps you to use your money wisely. Doing this, we also head off every now and then to hunt for great bargains.

Killing two birds with one stone

Speaking of which, we recently discovered a novel way to enjoy time off over weekends. After I made my latest discovery, I also discovered that we could quite possibly kill two birds with one stone. Well, not exactly, and don’t laugh either. I think it’s a great idea in more ways than one. Let me explain. I am thrilled that we have managed to keep ourselves fit and healthy. I am also happy that we are spending more time outdoors, particularly in natural surroundings.

Now, after I explained to him what I came across, my husband was quite excited at trying out this new hobby. It involved a spot of game hunting, more than likely quails, rabbits and other small creatures which we could manage comfortably by ourselves as beginners in this new wild adventure. And, no, we were not going to be killing little birds with stones like the naughty boys I encountered when I was much younger.

An unusual bargain

In fact, we are going to be using a pair of recurve bows, of all things. Well, I am happy to say that my research skills came in good use once more because not only have I found a flexible and comfortable pair of bows for new shooters like us to use, I have also found yet another bargain in the most unusual way.

By the way, the Martin Jaguar set that my husband and I settled on is a light-weight version of the manufactured series.

It also offers a fair degree of stability for us. Best of all, I thought the price was reasonable. But that’s not the bargain I wanted to tell you about. I found out that we could shoot for our own turkeys with these bows. Imagine that.

By hunting on our own, we could end up saving a lot on our grocery bill. If you still don’t believe me you can do your own reading at the Archery Boot Camp.

Before we head off

Then you can come back and tell me what you think. But by that time it may just be too late. We will have enjoyed our first helping of fresh (white water) salmon, caught from my husband’s very own bow. Among the featured accessories of the beginner’s Martin Jaguar recurve bow is the straight-forward adjustment to a bow-fishing rig.

But before I get ahead of myself, I think it would be a great idea to shoot for the nearest archery range so that we can take some lessons before we head into the wild again on our own.

Ranging In On Savings

Ranging In On SavingsLike most Americans, I am fond of money. But my fondness for lucre is not out of greed and crass material cravings. Rather, my enduring relationship with money has more to do with how it is necessary to help us every step of the way in our daily lives.

Taken a step further, those of you who have been following my blog and reading my posts, know that my passion is all about helping you save money and helping you to use it wisely.

Time to take a break

I research new sales and savings incentives quite closely and if I believe that it may benefit you in the long run, I am going to educate you about it.

My research methods have proved to be rewarding because ultimately I am always encouraged by good news stories where I learn how grateful readers have benefited from my savings advice. I speak from experience because even though I am still young I have been performing this service for a few years.

Not that I am complaining, I love what I’m doing, but doing this job at no material benefit to myself can become exhausting, young as I am. Then there is still the rest of the family to consider.

While he is gentle and kinder than most men around, my husband does remind me sometimes that I need to spend more time away from my PC and more time with the rest of the family. Recently, in one of our latest evening conversations, we decided that it was high time we take a break, even if just for the weekend.

Ranging in on nature

So, needless to say, I began researching for some good ideas on what would be ideal for the whole family. We are so close to nature but rarely do we take advantage of the great outdoors and all the flora and fauna within it.

The decision was unanimous; we were going to commune with nature at the nearest possible opportunity. Also, children are always excited about encountering wild animals for the first time. Sadly, most of these beautiful creatures are confined to nature reserves.

But they are well looked after and hardly no harm ever comes to them. While looking for tools to enhance our travel experience, I wondered whether the animal’s park rangers were using the right rangefinders to do their tracking and tracing.

These devices are compact and look a little like those camcorders you may already be using. Amazingly, rangefinders are able to measure long distances, horizontal and vertical, from where you are standing to your specified target.

Easy to use

Since we were never going to come too close to the wildlife at this point, I thought an affordable, easy to use rangefinder would do handsomely. Since I could not test the equipment first-hand, I did my homework sourcing the finest rangefinders on offer, so I am happy to say that we have made an affordable choice. Let’s just say that I ranged in and found yet another way to save money.

Proven Tips to Avoid Overspending

Proven Tips to Avoid OverspendingYou probably know the one thing I hate – overspending. Over the years, I have devoted myself to spending wisely and, I think, I’m getting good at it. Some of my friends have been asking me how I do it. So, I decided to share with you some of my tips to avoid overspending:

  1. Know exactly what you need to buy.

A lot of people overspend because they do not differentiate what they need from what they want. When you walk inside the grocery or shopping mall, you’d likely find items on bargain or very lucrative sales. Some are easily swayed by these marketing ploys. Unfortunately, many items on sale are actually “nice-to-haves” but not really essential. Plan what you need and stick with your plan. It is wise to make a list of important things to buy before you shop.

  1. Set a limit for your budget.

Some of you might think that I don’t love shopping, I actually do. I even find the challenge of not overspending even more exciting and enjoyable. When I shop around I make sure that I have set a financial limit before I leave home. Any item that does goes over budget doesn’t deserve a space in my shopping cart.

  1. Compare before you pick.

An important part of prudent spending is comparing good. For instance, if you need to purchase a pair of new shoes, you can check online reviews site, such as this one: The internet offers lots of review sites and tools making it easier for buyer to comparison shop. When comparing goods, it is important to not just look into the price but also the quality of the item.

  1. Cash over credit cards.

For many ladies (and gentlemen too), credit cards are the main culprits for going over budget. Every time you swipe your card, you may desensitize yourself to the actual money you spend. Instead of pulling out your card too often, be sure to stuff your wallet with just the right amount of cash. And as much as possible, always pay by cash.

  1. Save before you spend.

I thank my mom for teaching me this very helpful financial habit. She taught me the value of saving first before spending, which makes purchases even more enjoyable. If I have anything that I want to buy (notice the word I used is “want” not “need”), I have to save for it. It has since been my practice and it has always saved me from spending too much. Just like now, I’m holding myself from buying a new yoga shoes because I haven’t saved for it yet. I’ve actually started reading reviews from this site ( ) and am planning to buy soon.

These are simple tips that I have found very helpful in my quest for spending wisely. I have never overspent and am very happy about it!

How about you, do you have any secrets for spending wisely?

LED Light Bars Save Our World

fire truckOne thing I like about my mission to save you money is this; we are making huge contributions towards environmental sustainability. Today, one of the most effective cost savers and contributors towards saving the environment and saving lives is the use of LED lighting.

LED is the acronym used for light-emitting diode. The most common feature of this lighting source is its color. The color of the light reflects how much energy is being processed by the device.

Bright savings

The brightest feature of the LED light source is that it lasts a lot longer than traditional lighting systems. Take LED light bars for example. Used on off-road vehicles, small and heavy duty trucks, these light bars preserve battery power. And because it shines a lot brighter than conventional lamps, vehicles’ LED lights contribute towards passenger safety.

Light Bar Land takes into account costs, power savings and safety. Based on extensive research, this website is an informative and helpful guide on LED lighting and specifically LED light bars. Product reviews are supported with detailed explanations on what characterizes LED lights and how to choose appropriate lighting systems for your vehicle and driving needs. To find out more, check out the content of the website.

This helps immeasurably. For instance, if you are in the market for a light bar fitting for your motor bike, you will get a clear idea of what you need to do to buy the best light at the right price. Cost-saving is part of every small business enterprise’s life. Many of these companies use their own trucks for deliveries or during maintenance and construction work. Light Bar Land is an essential one stop shop for these service oriented businesses.

Light bar specialists

Specialists in the light bar manufacturing industry; Gilbert, Arizona-based Rigid Industries LED Lighting comes highly recommended by Light Bar Land which features this company’s product range and specifically its trade-mark rigid LED light bars. Light Bar Land are also reviewing Rigid Industries LED Lighting’s featured product from the versatile E Series. These light bars come in nine different sizes, starting from as little as four inches and moving all the way up to fifty inches.

Remember we spoke earlier about the inherent cost-savings advantage of having longer-lasting LED’s? Well, the rigid LED lights have an average life of up to fifty-thousand hours along with the highest lumen per watt output of any other lights. With an unbreakable Lexan lens, these LED lights are rated as being one hundred percent optically clear.

On the subject of versatility, the durable light range is categorized for use in many areas and industries; industrial, agricultural and mining use, marine and off-road use, military and public safety use. Something worth noting is that the light supplier is offering a limited lifetime guarantee on all their light bars.

A bright future

But where you and I are mainly concerned, know that LED light bars will save you money in the long run. Keeping you safe, your prospects of a bright future remain intact. But best of all, your new LED motor car lights make a handy contribution towards cleaning up the environment.

Surging Ahead With Your Own Creations

serger machineBeing creative is important for implementing cost-cutting measures and making savings for things that are essential to your household.

The statement – creating a budget – could not have been more apt. Clothing can be a luxury and is usually all about making a fashion statement in line with your unique personality. But I cannot think of a better way of combining the creative process with great savings incentives than by making your own garments. I am happy to tell you that Amanda and I have these ideas in common.

By saving time you save money

Amanda is extremely approachable. She is also quite helpful. Her mission is to encourage you to surge ahead with your creative process. I noticed pleasingly that Amanda is also quite concerned about saving you time and money. Find out how she motivates and educates her readers on productive and proactive sewing practices by visiting her website, Serger Pro.

Read Amanda’s friendly introduction (on her About Page) and her mission statement which includes stimulating the creative craft of sewing in accordance with your needs. To save time and money, her most salient advice is that you get your own serger.

To eliminate confusion for beginners, let me make a distinction between sergers and traditional sewing machines. Think of the serger as an extension of the industrial art of sewing. It has a wide range of mechanized functions designed to speed up the sewing process with a lot more efficiency and finesse.

The Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger is a featured product. Let me highlight some of its features and advantages for you.

This Brother’s great features

The Designio Series DZ1234 is fore-grounded as the best product in the entire Brother range of sergers. One thing I like about this product is that it is multifunctional. For instance, the machine has over twenty built-in sewing stitches. Not only is this a great time-saving device, it is quite convenient for those who would normally struggle with the intricate process of skilled hand stitching.

There are three features of this Designio series serger that I am quite excited about. Let me explain how they work.

  • The Free Arm – This feature allows users to reach difficult sewing areas on clothing such as collars, sleeves and trouser legs.
  • Standard needles – The machine uses the same standard needles that equip traditional sewing machines. It also gives variety to the sewing process, allowing users to work with different fabrics.
  • Color-coding – The motivation for using color-coding is universal. It is exceptionally convenient in the Designio DZ1234, streamlining and speeding up upper and lower loop threading.

My concern is always cost-saving and pricing. By now you will have seen that by greatly reducing production time, the DZ1234 is an effective cost-saver. But for a serger as advanced as this product, it is also priced reasonably.

Surging ahead

Saving time and money creating your own garments and clothing for your family does not mean that you are sacrificing fashion and style. In fact, by surging ahead with new creations and bypassing expensive lines at local retailers, you are inventing your very own style.

Saving Money While You Power Up at Home


I am always thinking about great new ways to save our family more money, freeing up space in the budget for other luxuries that we do not always have place for.

I am also thinking about new savings incentives for you too. We are a health-conscious family. I would like your family to keep fit too. It has been a while since we set up our own home gym in the garage. The reasons for doing this were mainly to do with economizing. We cancelled our expensive gym membership as well.

How we save time and money while keeping fit

We have no regrets. We are saving lots of time. We no longer travel by car to the gym and have saved dollars every month on our gas bill as a result.

When we found the compact and easy to assemble power rack we were so pleased to learn how little space it takes up. This home gym is versatile too. It does challenge us sometimes but we are able to manage our own exercise capabilities in accordance with our fitness levels.

We acquired the PPR200X version of the power rack through Garage Gym Pro. This website packs a lot of power into promoting fitness and good health by encouraging readers to take advantage of regular product reviews and tips on how to maintain home-based gym equipment while meeting fitness targets.

This health and fitness guru speaks from experience, always looking out for innovative ways to guide his followers (and new readers like you and me) on new exercises and how to get the maximum benefit out of the home gym experience.

How we benefit 

The PPR200X version allows you to customize in accordance with your needs and abilities. This is just one of a number of benefits of having personalized gym equipment at home. It is also convenient for me in light of my need to multitask around a busy schedule. Also, no-one uses this small gym at the same time. While exercise flexibility is a huge plus, family exercise routines can be managed.

For now, I am mentioning just three advantages.

  • Safety – Because it already saves space no-one is cramped and needlessly bumps dangerously against the equipment. More importantly, the gym is fitted with two saber style safety rods.
  • Variety – The repetitive exercise regimen can become boring. Not so with this self-assembled portable gym. Eighteen different exercise positions are more than enough for us. Short, regular work-outs every other day allow me to focus on different areas of my figure during different sessions.
  • Ideal weight – Six hundred pounds is the maximum load that the gym allows. Read the remarks on serious-minded lifters’ complaints about maximum loads. For a young family, this weight is more than adequate.

Great way to start the day

I cannot think of a better way to start the day. A quick twenty-minute session before heading into the traffic and off to work in the morning keeps me vitalized and calm while others wait impatiently for the cars in front of them to move.

Longboarding Is My New Rush

woodland-656969_640Reading my latest blog posts, you should gain the impression that I get a huge rush out of saving you money by offering free advice and tips on how to go about this. To make your life easier, visit my blog regularly. Recently, I was looking for a new rush. I am still quite young and fit. So, I began looking for a new, sporting pastime to roll away a few hours every other weekend.

A beginner’s guide to long-boarding

Long-boarding turned out to be a fantastic choice when I came across Longboarding Nation’s definitive blog on a sport which has its origins in surfing. While I love the sea, I am not in a position to spend time there on a regular basis. I honestly believe that I have now made the right choice in selecting long-boarding as my new weekend pastime. Best of all, for a beginner, this sport, still growing in popularity, is inexpensive.

All you really need to begin coasting down long, winding, open roads is comfortable clothes and sneakers, gloves and helmet, and a long-board. Going through Longboarding Nation’s product reviews, how-to guides and savings tips is a productive exercise. Take note of their expert and qualified ratings of the best longboards. But I focused on their listings of the recommended long-boards for novice skaters and the prices I could expect to pay.

To start at one hundred dollars is not asking much in any sport, so I was happy to go ahead and purchase my first board, much wider and easier to balance on than the traditional skateboard. Apart from savings, I was also concerned about safety. I did not need to worry. The reviewers had recommendations and advice on selecting the versatile pair of gloves and a decent helmet.

Choosing the right pair of gloves

Apart from safety factors, finding the perfect pair of gloves is all about comfort and function. You need to try out different pairs before finding the right match for your uniquely crafted hands. In terms of purpose, you really have only two easy choices to make.

Like me, you may just want to slide down short, gentle hill gradients. An inexpensive, basic pair will do. But if you have serious intentions about this sport and harbor ambitions about skating down longer, more dangerous hills at break-neck speeds, you are going to need a heavier, thicker pair of sliding gloves.

The helmet

Your life depends on it. The level of activity or competitiveness is irrelevant because accidents will happen. Even the long-boarding pros fall off their boards from time to time. I have yet to see one of these guys sliding without a helmet. Safety being more important than price, don’t forget to check out the guides on how to go about picking out your first helmet.


It helped reading all the reviews and advice. But I did not see the word adrenaline mentioned once (although similar adjectives were used). Health-wise, stimulating those endorphins is actually good for you. And longboarding has helped me to find my ultimate rush.

Gardening: Fun, Healthy and Simple Way To Save Money

Gardening: Fun, Healthy and Simple Way To Save MoneyWhat’s healthy, green and can save you money? You don’t need to look far enough; it’s your home garden!

Over the past few years, many households have started growing their own herbs and vegetables, some on a few containers or while others plant a full-fledged vegetable patch.

Not only is gardening a great hobby, it can help cut a few dollars from your household’s weekly grocery bill. Some even earn extra income with their garden.

And you can start planning your garden on your free time. Here are a few tips that can help you start your garden cheaply.

Pick good soil with direct sunlight

Location and soil quality has a huge impact on the success of your garden. Relocating your garden is a waste of money and time. Make sure to plan your garden well before you start growing plants. If you have no adequate backyard space or want an indoor garden, you may need to invest on LED grow lights. Compare the different brands and prices by checking out this review site (

Grow seeds rather than plants

Not only are seeds are cheaper than plants, they can also be grown indoors and in smaller containers. However, be careful when choosing the varieties of plants to germinate. Not all plants are easy to grow from seeds; some varieties are tough to germinate from seed or are delicate with relocations. Spend time researching vegetables and herbs to sow, before you buy. Note than some plants are very delicate to grow, some even require grow tent to achieve controlled growing conditions.

Go for compost

Fertilizers cost a lot. A better alternative is to start composting. You can start organic fertilizer right from your own kitchen, especially for large households. Coffee grounds, spoilt vegetables, uneaten fruits, grains, eggshells, and other decomposable items are great composting materials. Outside your home, gather dried leaves and grass clippings which can be added to your compost. During summer months, compost mixture breaks quickly and nourishes the soil effectively.

Cheap or free manure for added soil nutrition

If you live near a rural area, you could easily find farms that either sell manure cheaply or give them for free. Take advantage of surplus manure available at local farms. Manure adds important nutrient to the soil which your plants need to grow.

Hunt garden tools and pots from yard sales

To grow your plants, you will need to be equipped with the right garden tools, but you don’t really need to shell out a large amount for this. Yard sales are great places to find cheap gardening tools and supplies. Compare these items with retail prices, and you’ll be surprised with the amazing discount!

Be creative

Once you start gardening, you’ll need a lot of additional supplies such as raised beds, stakes, trellis, pots, watering can, and many more. Instead of running to the local store, look around your house. Empty bottles can be used as a pot, dried branches as stakes, cinder blocks as raised bed, and many more. Think out of the box and your garden will yield more!