My Top 10 Online Shopping Tips

purchasing-689442_1280Shopping online is a great opportunity, as it is secure, the shipping is fast, returns can be pretty easy, and it is convenient for all consumers. Because of the economic downturn, it is of utmost importance to find ways of saving your money. Coupon websites are here for you. If you are a frugal consumer, meticulous in your budgeting, coupon websites are your best choice. If you didn’t start couponing, now you could learn to follow money saving tips within an online setting. Online coupon services can help your family save money while shopping in an online safe environment. Here are 10 tips for shopping online in a safe manner.

10 Tips For Safe Shopping Online

1.Use Well-Known Websites

You can use a trusted site for your safety instead of shopping with a search engine. Some search results can mislead you. If you already know the site, shopping online might be safe. For instance, every buyer knows that makes your purchases secure.

2.Use a Credit Card for Payment

You should use a credit card to pay your purchases because laws protect credit card users from fraud. You could also use virtual credit cards if this service is offered by your card issuer. There are card issuers who offer you a one-time use virtual card for your online purchases if you are concerned about the safety of your transaction. There is something you should know: your card issuer can provide free services for you, and you can save hundreds of dollars. If you don’t avoid new fees and rate hikes, you won’t be able to save money. Card issuers can leave intact a variety of benefits that make you save money even if they diminish credit limits. The credits are limited according to your income.

3.Avoid Telling All Your Details

Shopping stores do not need additional details such as your social security number or your birthday in order to do business. The more the stores know, the easier it would be to steal your identity. So, be careful and give as little information as possible. Thieves are looking forward to committing identity theft. There are some methods that you should know and that can help you destroy personal data. If you didn’t delete your trash, it is an opportunity for a thief to create a new line of credit. It is not enough to snip your old credit cards with the scissors because this gives identity thieves the chance to find account numbers. Even shredded cards can be pieced together by identity thieves. The online environment is risky as well. Continue reading

My Unconventional Tips on Saving Money

downloadIf you don’t have the life you lived before, be attentive to some tips on saving money. You should keep in mind one thing. If you live the American dream and if you have a cozy home, money in the bank and you are doing well, it is possible that you might lose everything. Save your money in an unconventional way.

You could see your finances ruined if you get fired or if you can’t afford to cover your medical bills. The question is how you will save money without a financial disaster. The answer is that you could rebuild your finances and credit over time. That is why you have to follow five steps if you want to save your money.

5 Steps in Saving Your Money

  • First you have to start with your overhead. You should take into consideration the “must have” expenses. It is important to have money to pay your bills, food, utilities, insurance and minimum loan payments. Do not rush into commitments that are difficult to keep if you want to save money. If you are tempted to spend money, try to resist and keep the “must haves”. Be attentive to housing costs and car payments. You could have excessive costs. Then put your savings into a current
  • Second, get money in the bank to cover the minor expenses.An emergency fund is necessary and it is difficult to build a fat fund and easy to spend it. Also use a supermarket loyalty card. This scheme could save your money.
  • Another step is to make your contribution to your retirement account. It should be a priority. Be prepared for the future retirement. It may come sooner than you think. To contribute to a retirement plan is essential, as it helps you reduce the taxes and build the savings you will need in the future.
  • Then you have to determine the value of your debt. Sometimes people may borrow so much that they cannot pay back. So, a financial recovery couldn’t be possible in this case. If you lose your job, do not expect to be helped by creditors. They are not always on your side. More than that, you should talk to a bankruptcy attorney if your debts such as credit cards and medical bills surpass or are equal to your annual income, or if a creditor sued you. It is important to understand your options. So don’t hesitate to consult someone who can give you a piece of advice.
  • The final step is to rebuild your credit. You may be convinced that you won’t need credit again, once you felt deceived by creditors. But if you need an auto loan or a mortgage, your credit score is vital. Credit history and scores are of utmost importance, as this information is used by insurers, landlords and employers.

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My 5 Favorite Coupon Websites

Gold_bond_stampsTechnology is the key to getting coupons by email, phone as well as reward cards. Coupons are very convenient including less paper waste. However, if you want to print any coupons, you have the option to print the ones you are going to use.Here is a compilation of the best coupon sites which have become my favorites as well.

Top 5 Coupon Websites is one of the best. It has a wonderful collection of coupons to print in addition to an option to save coupons associated with loyalty cards. This coupon website is to your advantage, and you can save a lot of your money.
There are numerous deal blogs on the Internet, and the majority covers the same type of deals. Money Saving Mom is one of the best blogs I have personally visited.

Money Saving Mom is therefore my favorite. It is the blog with the most extensive list in addition to access to a thorough coupon database. You have the option to subscribe to all deals from your local stores. If you want to keep up with both deals and frugal tips. There are also free subscriptions that the site offers; so, don’t hesitate to connect with them.
There are also e-coupons you can download on your smartphone and use it within the checkout lane. Now you won’t worry about losing paper coupons.

Saving Star allows you to send e-coupons to participating loyalty cards, and then you scan at the register. The total receipt cannot change. Your savings will be sent via your bank deposit, PayPal or Amazon gift card after one month. You can shop online safely making a purchase at retail site or getting cash in your
Saving Star
account. As far as I’m concerned, I have never bought anything online without entering the website’s address into a coupon code database. If I won’t find some promo or a list of coupon codes, I usually search google to be sure that I don’t miss anything. Continue reading