My 5 Favorite Coupon Websites

Gold_bond_stampsTechnology is the key to getting coupons by email, phone as well as reward cards. Coupons are very convenient including less paper waste. However, if you want to print any coupons, you have the option to print the ones you are going to use.Here is a compilation of the best coupon sites which have become my favorites as well.

Top 5 Coupon Websites is one of the best. It has a wonderful collection of coupons to print in addition to an option to save coupons associated with loyalty cards. This coupon website is to your advantage, and you can save a lot of your money.
There are numerous deal blogs on the Internet, and the majority covers the same type of deals. Money Saving Mom is one of the best blogs I have personally visited.

Money Saving Mom is therefore my favorite. It is the blog with the most extensive list in addition to access to a thorough coupon database. You have the option to subscribe to all deals from your local stores. If you want to keep up with both deals and frugal tips. There are also free subscriptions that the site offers; so, don’t hesitate to connect with them.
There are also e-coupons you can download on your smartphone and use it within the checkout lane. Now you won’t worry about losing paper coupons.

Saving Star allows you to send e-coupons to participating loyalty cards, and then you scan at the register. The total receipt cannot change. Your savings will be sent via your bank deposit, PayPal or Amazon gift card after one month. You can shop online safely making a purchase at retail site or getting cash in your
Saving Star
account. As far as I’m concerned, I have never bought anything online without entering the website’s address into a coupon code database. If I won’t find some promo or a list of coupon codes, I usually search google to be sure that I don’t miss anything. Continue reading

My Unconventional Tips on Saving Money

downloadIf you don’t have the life you lived before, be attentive to some tips on saving money. You should keep in mind one thing. If you live the American dream and if you have a cozy home, money in the bank and you are doing well, it is possible that you might lose everything. Save your money in an unconventional way.

You could see your finances ruined if you get fired or if you can’t afford to cover your medical bills. The question is how you will save money without a financial disaster. The answer is that you could rebuild your finances and credit over time. That is why you have to follow five steps if you want to save your money.

5 Steps in Saving Your Money

  • First you have to start with your overhead. You should take into consideration the “must have” expenses. It is important to have money to pay your bills, food, utilities, insurance and minimum loan payments. Do not rush into commitments that are difficult to keep if you want to save money. If you are tempted to spend money, try to resist and keep the “must haves”. Be attentive to housing costs and car payments. You could have excessive costs. Then put your savings into a current
  • Second, get money in the bank to cover the minor expenses.An emergency fund is necessary and it is difficult to build a fat fund and easy to spend it. Also use a supermarket loyalty card. This scheme could save your money.
  • Another step is to make your contribution to your retirement account. It should be a priority. Be prepared for the future retirement. It may come sooner than you think. To contribute to a retirement plan is essential, as it helps you reduce the taxes and build the savings you will need in the future.
  • Then you have to determine the value of your debt. Sometimes people may borrow so much that they cannot pay back. So, a financial recovery couldn’t be possible in this case. If you lose your job, do not expect to be helped by creditors. They are not always on your side. More than that, you should talk to a bankruptcy attorney if your debts such as credit cards and medical bills surpass or are equal to your annual income, or if a creditor sued you. It is important to understand your options. So don’t hesitate to consult someone who can give you a piece of advice.
  • The final step is to rebuild your credit. You may be convinced that you won’t need credit again, once you felt deceived by creditors. But if you need an auto loan or a mortgage, your credit score is vital. Credit history and scores are of utmost importance, as this information is used by insurers, landlords and employers.

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My Top 10 Online Shopping Tips

purchasing-689442_1280Shopping online is a great opportunity, as it is secure, the shipping is fast, returns can be pretty easy, and it is convenient for all consumers.

Because of the economic downturn, it is of utmost importance to find ways of saving your money. Coupon websites are here for you. If you are a frugal consumer, meticulous in your budgeting, coupon websites are your best choice.

If you didn’t start couponing, now you could learn to follow money saving tips within an online setting. Online coupon services can help your family save money while shopping in an online safe environment. Here are 10 tips for shopping online in a safe manner.

10 Tips For Safe Shopping Online

1. Use Well-Known Websites

You can use a trusted site for your safety instead of shopping with a search engine. Some search results can mislead you. If you already know the site, shopping online might be safe. For instance, every buyer knows that makes your purchases secure.

2. Use a Credit Card for Payment

You should use a credit card to pay your purchases because laws protect credit card users from fraud. You could also use virtual credit cards if this service is offered by your card issuer. There are card issuers who offer you a one-time use virtual card for your online purchases if you are concerned about the safety of your transaction. There is something you should know: your card issuer can provide free services for you, and you can save hundreds of dollars. If you don’t avoid new fees and rate hikes, you won’t be able to save money. Card issuers can leave intact a variety of benefits that make you save money even if they diminish credit limits. The credits are limited according to your income.

3. Avoid Telling All Your Details

Shopping stores do not need additional details such as your social security number or your birthday in order to do business. The more the stores know, the easier it would be to steal your identity. So, be careful and give as little information as possible. Thieves are looking forward to committing identity theft. There are some methods that you should know and that can help you destroy personal data. If you didn’t delete your trash, it is an opportunity for a thief to create a new line of credit. It is not enough to snip your old credit cards with the scissors because this gives identity thieves the chance to find account numbers. Even shredded cards can be pieced together by identity thieves. The online environment is risky as well. Continue reading

Is Money Worth Your Joys Of Life?

money is good for youMoney is something everyone looks up on. It is said to turn miracles. Well, it is said to be the answer to all troubles and problems, but one question surely lingers in our brains and that is whether the fact is true that money is the answer to all problems and all troubles? Well not everyone thinks so. So here we have arrived on the critical juncture for some serious fact check. Money plays an important part in providing all that is necessary for a better life, but it is the epitome or the threshold that guides the basic meaning of life. Life is a much broader term with a much broader meaning and thus, just making money as the one thing that has the power to make or break life will be quite an exaggeration.

Money is one of the sources that make us meet ends. It is the medium of the token for exchange with which we can meet the basic requirements for life. But the idea of wealthy does not only apply the mere possession of wealth. Even possession of stuffs and things that has some philosophical and emotional value can also be counted as wealth and one can easily live with that. A small time musician with his or her nice musical instrument could be found happy in his or her small little life. Though he or she might not be having enough, but they possess plenty.

What really does determine the wealth or richness of a person? What makes one rich and another poor? Who is to point out the final point of the desire of any other person? Well the answer to that question is really hard to find, quite next to impossible, yet these are after all very genuine and relevant questions which are very important to find answers to.

The desire of man is like the ocean. Or rather like the universe, you can never find any edge where it ends. And still if there is some edge it is just beyond our simple reach to come to that border. The rat race in which man gets involved during his lifetime almost comes the life time of the man itself. It is race that though has a beginning but there is no finishing line to it. And in this never ending conquest, in this contest of seeking what cannot be found, man looses the precious moments of his life.

Life is like a journey we must lavishly enjoy step by step and not hurriedly try to get over it. Little joys of life should be cherished and lived with sheer happiness. Get yourself some hobby and grab some musical instrument, like trumpets, by clicking here and get going. There is a warm sunset always waiting for you in some lonely and calm beach where you can lay yourself and spend a life that is worth living for. Go out for small trips and vacations every once in a while and enjoy the beauty of life because money though there is plenty to be earned and saved, yet the life time for you is limited to cash in. So just get out of the rat race and add some years to your life.

5 Kitchen Appliances That Can Save Your Food Budget

When we focus on our budget we need to understand that money can be saved everywhere. You can save hundreds of bucks by decreasing your food expenses when using certain kitchen appliances. Here is the list you can refer to if you decide to buy a cost-effective kitchen device:

  1. Blender

Though some solid models may cost a few hundred bucks, you will soon feel your budget losing less, especially if smoothies and protein cocktails are staples of your family’s diet. A single smoothie may cost you about $5 to $10 at a smoothie shop. Additionally, you get the chance to use the already bought products more efficiently and avoid excessive waste.

  1. Soda maker

In-home appliances which carbonate water allow you to make your favorite soda in your own kitchen. It can be a good idea to have such an appliance for those who routinely budget for packs of soft drinks into their food budget. You will save a lot by simply not buying some brand soft drinks as well as reduce your waste due to fewer plastic or glass bottles.

  1. Single-cup coffee maker

Coffee is one of the favorite hot beverages of the American people. No wonder coffee makers are pretty common for many kitchens throughout the country. However, choosing a model which will fit your family best is important to reduce your coffee expenses. A single-cup machine will bring your coffee budget down significantly by preparing the amount you need instead of making an entire pot worth of coffee like many devices do. You should also remember not to use disposable paper cups and buy a multi-use cup or simply drink from your favorite mug.

  1. Food dehydrator

Unlike coffee makers, these devices are not so typical for American kitchens. However, you could save a lot of money in food costs by dehydrating meats and produce which allows longer storage requiring no refrigeration. Additionally, you can improve your diet by eating dried fruit or having a small bag of dried beef jerky as a nutritious snack at work. You can also preserve a lot of food and reduce your energy costs by freeing up some space in your freezer.

  1. Electric smoker

Smoked meat is enjoyed for its fascinating flavor, tenderness, and texture. It is quite a popular food for many people. Yet, you could save much if you use a device for smoking meat right in your home. I have recently found some good electric smoker reviews at Back Yard BBQ Guru. Such devices provide complete control over the temperature and smoke density so that you can get juicy and tender home-made meat produce instead of spending your budget to buy this produce. For those who want to save on electricity as well, it’s possible to get a pellet smoker which requires no power supply. At, you can find some useful reviews and information about the best pellet smokers to cook your foods.

Kitchen appliances along with efficient meal making manners and correct food budget planning may significantly reduce your food expenses.

Money Saving Tips for your Pool Maintenance

dog-168815_1280Owning a pool is certainly fun, but the cost of maintaining one isn’t. With the rising costs of basic goods and energy, you’d definitely want to save a few bucks on your pool maintenance expenses.

Here are a few steps that you can do to keep low your pool maintenance costs.

  1. Invest on a pool cover

A pool cover is a reasonably small investment that can have a tremendous effect in lowering down your energy costs. By covering your pool, you can reduce evaporation and can keep it naturally warmer thus reducing the need for your pool heater (you probably have one of those pool heaters reviewed at this website) to work as hard.

  1. Be diligent in your pool maintenance

You actually spend more by neglecting pool maintenance. For example, if your pool’s chemical balance is poorly maintained, you can end up spending more on an expensive fix later. Similarly, not cleaning up the pool water regularly could make your filter and pump less efficient.

  1. Turn water features off when not using the pool

All water features, such as deck jets and waterfalls, run on energy and also leads to more water cooling and evaporation. By turning them off, you can save more energy.

  1. Turn off filters when not needed

The pool filter does not necessarily need to run 24 hours a day. You can do experimentation to know the amount of time your filter needs to keep the pool water clean.

  1. Over-cleaning is never good

Yes, cleaning is good but over-cleaning isn’t. Applying unnecessary chemicals or keeping the automatic cleaner running continuously is a total waste of money. Use only the appropriate amount of resources recommended for keeping your pool clean.

  1. Invest in an energy efficient pumps

Not all pumps are the same. While better, more efficient pumps may cost you additional thousand dollars, you may also enjoy more savings in energy. Some states may also offer energy rebates for certain efficient pumps.

  1. Keep temperature down

Owning any pool heater model, such as the Pentair Pool Heater, is good especially if you use your pool more often. But keep in mind that you pay a premium for every degree you increase the pool water temperature. Lower down the temperature setting to keep the pool comfortably cool. Also, make sure to turn it off when not in use.

  1. Ensure a conducive environment for your swimming pool

While it is impossible to relocate your pool, you can alter the surroundings to make it more efficient. For example, removing a tree that makes your pool too shady can reduce the need for heater use.

Many of these cost-saving tips may cost you little, but investing on them could do a lot in your savings. To make these tips more effective, you have to put in discipline. You become more successful as you become more consistent in following these steps.

How You Can Save By Accessorizing

It sometimes becomes necessary for me to remind my neighbors (and you too) how important it is to continue trying to save money. By now you know that there are dozens of ways that you can do this without making too much of a dent in your pocket. If you don’t mind me saying so, this could very well also depend on what you are wearing. Now, the suggestion that I’m going to give to you today may cause you to fall off of your chair or (and I hope you will do this) go out and get this kit. You may even want to take up the sport.

Kids still need rules

Some of the kids at my kids’ school have signed up for judo classes, once or twice a week. My kids are still trying to decide. That’s ok because we never force our kids into things that they don’t want to do. If we think it’s going to be any good to them, we will certainly encourage them to give it a try. My husband seems to believe that judo will be good for his son because it will help him to fend for himself when he’s older and when his dad is not around to defend him.

As parents, we have both agreed that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is not yet ideal for our growing kids because we think this martial arts discipline is a bit dangerous. It has far less rules and disciplinary requirements than its Eastern counterparts, and we can’t always be around when our kids are being kicked in the teeth just because the BJJ rule says that it’s allowed. Perhaps when they are older, they can try out if they want.

Accessorizing with BJJ’s

Now, something caught my eye while we were having this round table discussion over whether to sign the kids up for these martial arts classes. Needless to say, we had to weigh up cost factors such as class registration fees and other extras. Most parents who have kids that play sport at school (our kids love soccer) will tell you that the uniform or training gear is always a stickler. Sports retailers know that their shoppers need the gear so pricing can be on the upside.

Now, whether the kids, my husband and I take up judo or BJJ is no longer material. I’ve decided to get all of us a pair of comfy BJJ GI’s anyway. And why not? These pants are built for comfort. They are built to last and withstand a lot of wear and tear. I’ll be getting my kids and me a pair each of the cotton variety. I’ll be wearing it around the house, mainly in the vegetable garden, while my kids insist on wearing it to school and their favorite playground. I’m giving my hubby a pair of the denim version.

Walking tall

He likes to get his hands dirty in his garage workshop. The stains are easy to wash out of denim. Plus, I think that rugged look; GI pants and faded Tee, with or without combat boots, is fabulous.

Going Hunting on a Budget

knife-828096_640I’m not sure if I wrote about this before, but my husband is an avid hunter! I don’t really understand the appeal of sneaking through the woods and shooting at things, but since it’s one of his favourite hobbies, I am usually very pleased to see how happy he is when he plans one of his hunting trips with his buddies. When we met, he was already into hunting, so he had a bit of gear, but it has worn out over the years and he had to get new gear. Of course, that costs money, and along with the other expenses associated with it, I can’t say I was thrilled about the costs of his trips, but as always, I managed to find ways to make it affordable. So if you like hunting, here are some nice tips on saving money while doing it!

  1. Buying Affordable Gear

Although there are many hunting stores around, I have found that big chain stores usually also have some kind of hunting gear on sale from time to time. The prices are lower there, so you might consider avoiding specialized shops altogether. And if you really want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, look at review sites! I found this great site – EDGEHUNTING.COM for tactical knives where you can find out exactly how good the knife you’re buying is!

  1. Online Shopping

When you compare prices at retail stores and online, you will often find that retail stores tend to order their stuff online and sell it for a higher price. That’s why my husband and I started ordering more and more things online. That’s how he got his rifle, camouflage hunting clothes, an excellent hunting knife, and his hunting scope!

  1. Hunting Land

If you don’t want to cover the costs of going off for a weekend hunting trip, you can always find some decent hunting land close to home. You might not know it’s there, but the hunters in your area definitely do! Keep in mind that not all hunting land is advertised – my husband thought that there were no hunting opportunities near our house, but then he met Lloyd, his current hunting buddy, who showed him a nice patch of land just 15 minutes from out street! And the guy who owns the land lets them hunt there for free (although they always bring a gift). So make some contacts in the hunting world and be amazed at all the opportunities you’ll come across.

  1. Used Equipment

If you’re really on a tight budget, or are just getting into the sport and don’t want to overspend, you can always get some decent used equipment for fair prices. If you go to one of the frequent hunting meetings and events, you’ll always find people wanting to trade in their old, but fully functional gear for something better, and they often practically give it away! Another option is looking at sites like Craigslist and local ads in the papers.

Self sufficiency and you

Self sufficiency and youTo increase self sufficiency a practical guide known as the Self Sufficiency Guide is available for any environment and any individual. One just does not have to be very rich or poor to start a self sufficient life that includes things from growing your own vegetables and fruits to be the owner of your own cattle or reduce your power consumption to almost zero. From a family residing in the village to a family in the most developed city, anyone and everyone can amplify their self sufficiency in a way or the other. The topic of Self Sufficient Living is immensely big with lots of information available on every aspect very easily.

Generating your own power is a good idea. It is thought to be difficult but it is not as difficult as it sounds. A large solar or wind panel installed at your roof top or your garden might cost a bit, but they are fruitful. Saving electricity by insulating your home can reduce your money significantly. To produce the amount of power that an average household uses is a bit difficult. Without affecting your lifestyle one can produce fairly large amounts that could be matched by reducing consumption by the same amount.

Grow your own garden. They are easy to make and maintain and thus are not difficult at all. Also they are eco – friendly and help you give a green touch to your house. They may look artistic as well if you walk the extra mile to make it look nice by helping it adapt with the theme of the house. Herbs are a great idea for a small pot or window box. They are best enjoyed fresh, although drying herbs is quite easy to grow in a small space.

One can also indulge in making his own small things of requirement, and be self sufficient and save money as well. The dress for your girl’s prom can be stitched out of that you have with some little designs made by the old sewing machine at your place. The old boxing gloves of your kids could be stitched like his knickers, so that it could be stretched a few more days. The old stuffs at your house can be recycled as well and could be given a brand new look which will have utility and give a redefined look to your place as well. Old broken CDs and bottles could be reused to accommodate and give shape as other things that we need.

You need to bring ideas to your mind and think things through before just ordering out things. That way you will both save money and add to your self sufficiency and have a sustainable living and would help the world, at large.

Self Sufficiency brings together ideas of sustainability which we will all need to follow to keep something for the next generations. Future generations will be deprived of the luxury of the mother Earth and hence, self sufficiency will play a major role in creating a sustainable society.

How to add some extra bucks while at home

How to add some extra bucks while at homeWe live in a beautiful world. It is the only livable planet in this universe, as of now. It has got beautiful flora and fauna and has amazing features that can easily amaze any one from any other planet, if they even come and land in here. And one of the most amazing features of it is that almost all of them are free – be it air or sunlight or water – at least at some places. But to live life a little better and to have a little more ease in our lives we need to shed something that was not made by nature but by a discovery of man – Money.

No matter where on this planet you go everyone irrespective of their caste or creed or religion or their ethnic behavior will unanimously recognize the most essential part of one’s life – Money. It is exchangeable and easy to carry and what is more important is it can help you have what you desire. So here are a few suggestions how you can earn a few extra bucks while at home or with less effort.

Arranging camps for kids

If you are a house wife or some retired fellow you can arrange some camps like a summer camp or a science camp for kids. Children love to get out of their daily class rooms and they can learn and have fun at the same time. Make sure you have all the right ingredients for that. Keep the charges nominal so that it is affordable to all and does not give one a stare. It is easy to arrange if you know what a kid would love. Just do not make it boring.

Have a class at home

Good wives in those posh neighborhoods always have some free time to spare. Let us utilize them to our own benefit and earn a few little extra by the afternoon hours. Arrange some cooking classes with innovative and lucrative dishes on the table or some handicraft classes where you can teach them how to make pretty stuffs they could gift and be proud of them. Even you can arrange for classes on interior decorations or even personal health care. They definitely would love to have beautifully done nails that would match their drawing room curtains. Http:// will give you more insight on this topic.

Get yourself trained for small time jobs

How many times we see an Indian is a guy at a call centre for any outsourced company selling stuffs to a foreigner in an Indian ascent? Get yourself a job like those which are now mostly done from home and they are recruiting house wives and retired people and it is a good job to earn some extra money by the hour. Get yourself skilled in some computers or little craft works and provide tuition to others. You can know more about one of my favorite kind of job here!

Therefore, the secret to earn some extra money is: think, innovate and earn.

10 Easy to Follow Steps to Save Money While Buying Groceries

10 Easy to Follow Steps to Save Money While Buying GroceriesGrocery shopping can be quite expensive and it can leave you with an empty wallet for a short time. Whether you want it or not, this is unavoidably because you must eat and drink something. However,  making homemade meals and  buying groceries is a much cheaper way to get fed compared to fast food and restaurants.

There are many tricks to spend less money while buying groceries at the supermarket. It will be shown 10 ways to achieve this. Apply them the next time you go to shopping and you will notice big savings.

  1. Consider generic products

Don’t assume brand name products are always better. Here’s a secret you may not know. Generic brands may use the same supplier as name-brand products. They each use their own packaging, but the price for generics is usually much cheaper. When going generic, compare the labels of the generic product to the brand name to make sure the ingredients are the same.

  1. Avoid those pricey interior aisles

Grocery stores place items most people need, like milk or vegetables, in the outside aisles at opposite ends of the store. More expensive impulse-buy items are placed in inside aisles. Don’t assume you must go up and down each aisle on your way from one end of the store to the other. Instead, whenever possible, limit yourself only to areas with  products you need.

  1. Don’t forget the rain check

Often if there’s a sale on popular choices, like a particular brand of a soft drink, there’s a run on the product, and the store sells out. Ask for a rain check, even when the item isn’t pricey. The store may also extend the sale date for your favorite choice

  1. Pre-cut veggies cost much more

When someone else is cutting up the onions or cucumbers, the cost of that labor is added to the price. You may be able to buy several pounds of uncut vegetables for the same price as a small amount of pre-cut veggies. It just takes a few minutes to cut up your own vegetables at home.

  1. Don’t take your children

Whenever possible, do your grocery shopping when the kids are somewhere else (home, daycare, wherever). Children are nearly always drawn to unnecessary food items, and it’s best to avoid being in the situation where you may hesitate to say no. In most cases, they are the biggest reason for overspending.

  1. Save money on specialty seasonings and spices

When trying out new recipes, the costs of buying never-before-used spices can quickly add up. To save money, shop for spices in your local farmers’ markets and specialty inernational food markets. Shopping around for value is worth the time and effort, especially when it comes to high-priced spices. Flavorful seasonings don’t have to lead to a bland pocketbook.

  1. Eat seasonally

Eating produce in its prime season will save you money, simply taste better, and allow you to have fun experimenting with fruits and vegetables you wouldn’t ordinarily try. Why spend more money on out-of-season produce that has to travel long distances when you can introduce yourself to something fresh and new? This fall, try your hand at cooking different types of squash, beets, and other healthful, delicious fall vegetables with their beautiful autumn colors.

  1. Couponing

Search your local area newspapers and online websites, such as, for money-saving coupons. It may seem like a hassle, but when you’ve just knocked $30 off of your grocery bill, you’ll be grateful you made the effort. Ready for more action? Double up the coupons with your grocer’s sale items and save even more.

  1. Planning pays, literally – make a grocery list

Ever go to the store hungry with no grocery list? Guess what? It was a disaster. Take the time to plan your week’s menu before going to the store, and NEVER hungry shop. This saving money tip will also help you to save the time. Moreover, it will lure you away from impulse purchases.

  1. Shopping for convenience costs you extra

Buying already-made foods can cost you a lot. Instead, buy the ingredients and learn to cook that meal yourself. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart. Enjoy the process of learning to master your culinary skills. Therefore, go forth and cook.

Polyphonic savings

Polyphonic savingsThose young ladies new to things like charge cards from their favorite stores mostly believe that it is music to their ears when these stores announce their next great big bumper sale. Summer having come and gone, there may be some of you out there who are already feeling the cold pinch of winter, mainly because you maxed your cards at the last big summer sale. You are feeling the pinch now because you have to pay up and when this is done you have little left to show for your hard-earned monthly pay check.

A new plan of action

So, while I’m busy working on my blog, surfing the net while I do my research and preparing new articles on how we can all save more money and live a little more comfortably, I have my old transistor radio near me, catching up with the news of the day and also listening to what others have to say about consumer affairs and money matters. And just to relax a little, I like to switch on to some fine music, usually something light.

But there are also times when I get really annoyed. At the moment I am also concerned. Kids are spending far too much time in front of the TV. Also the loud tunes they indulge in from the network channels are not exactly edifying. And when they are not listening to adult-content lyrics, watching violent cartoons or movies, they are playing games, sometimes for hours. So I decided on a new plan of action.

An educational toy

I wanted to change the household’s tune a little and turn the volume down a notch or two. New gimmicks always intrigue and amuse young children anyway, but this musical discovery of mine was particularly pleasing to both ears and soul. Instead of watching trashy music videos, why not let the kids learn how to play their own musical instrument? You could call it an educational toy, but I think that an electronically-tuned digital piano may be just the thing for us.

My husband is keen about this. And when I first told him about my new song-filled idea, the first thing that came to his mind was Yamaha motorcycles. Thankfully, he doesn’t scoot about. But the brand is iconic. It is particularly so for both recreational and professional musicians who mostly use electronic keyboards. At the moment we are still trying to decide which Yamaha to get; the P45B or the Piaggero NP11. Either way, I am going to try them out.


For budding musicians who don’t have the benefit of professional, usually expensive piano lessons (or guitar, but no drums please), learning to play by yourself using a synthesized keyboard can be an educational and fun-filled experience for the entire family. I already learnt something new. Polyphony is the synthesizer’s ability to play a series of notes all at the same time.

A Great New Way To Hunt

Archer at a competitionThose of you who are new to my blog, let me encapsulate its main theme for you. It is all about helping you to save money as far as possible and helping you to utilize all those financial resources you have been blessed with, particularly those charge cards and bank credit cards.

The blog helps you to use your money wisely. Doing this, we also head off every now and then to hunt for great bargains.

Killing two birds with one stone

Speaking of which, we recently discovered a novel way to enjoy time off over weekends. After I made my latest discovery, I also discovered that we could quite possibly kill two birds with one stone. Well, not exactly, and don’t laugh either. I think it’s a great idea in more ways than one. Let me explain. I am thrilled that we have managed to keep ourselves fit and healthy. I am also happy that we are spending more time outdoors, particularly in natural surroundings.

Now, after I explained to him what I came across, my husband was quite excited at trying out this new hobby. It involved a spot of game hunting, more than likely quails, rabbits and other small creatures which we could manage comfortably by ourselves as beginners in this new wild adventure. And, no, we were not going to be killing little birds with stones like the naughty boys I encountered when I was much younger.

An unusual bargain

In fact, we are going to be using a pair of recurve bows, of all things. Well, I am happy to say that my research skills came in good use once more because not only have I found a flexible and comfortable pair of bows for new shooters like us to use, I have also found yet another bargain in the most unusual way.

By the way, the Martin Jaguar set that my husband and I settled on is a light-weight version of the manufactured series.

It also offers a fair degree of stability for us. Best of all, I thought the price was reasonable. But that’s not the bargain I wanted to tell you about. I found out that we could shoot for our own turkeys with these bows. Imagine that.

By hunting on our own, we could end up saving a lot on our grocery bill. If you still don’t believe me you can do your own reading at the Archery Boot Camp.

Before we head off

Then you can come back and tell me what you think. But by that time it may just be too late. We will have enjoyed our first helping of fresh (white water) salmon, caught from my husband’s very own bow. Among the featured accessories of the beginner’s Martin Jaguar recurve bow is the straight-forward adjustment to a bow-fishing rig.

But before I get ahead of myself, I think it would be a great idea to shoot for the nearest archery range so that we can take some lessons before we head into the wild again on our own.